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Providing forensic examiners and law enforcement with a comprehensive tools, for use in a broad range of situations, from a variety of sources.


Fernico is dedicated to meeting the requirements of digital forensic investigators who rely on our tools to handle a range of time-consuming tasks.

We work closely with the world’s leading digital forensics facilities in law enforcement, military and commercial sectors. Our products are extremely effective in delivering major enhancements and increasing operational efficiency within the agencies we serve.

Fernico is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina with a European sales and development office based in Evesham UK.


Fernico’s dedicated leadership, programmers, installers and trainers are hands on to insure customers are well versed and have the capability to:

  • Document
  • Annotate
  • Compile
  • Analyze
  • Verify
  • Peer Review
  • Archive
  • Present

Fernico is committed to testing and incorporating groundbreaking technologies into a workflow that is intuitive and efficient to provide consumable evidence from a wide range of sources.

Fernico products create an auditable trail of evidence for peer review in a secure and confidential environment that  complies with recording, communications and copyright laws.

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